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I am Free in Jesus Christ By Experiencing Our Spiritual Rebirth

Freedom in Christ – What Does it Mean? Experiencing True Freedom in Christ!

Everyone desires something basic — Freedom. It is the ultimate goal of every humankind. So, when the Bible speaks of freedom, it focuses on the spiritual freedom that we experience in Christ Jesus. And through that, I admit without fear that I am Free in Jesus Christ By Experiencing Our Spiritual Rebirth. And that’s what God has given everyone.

In the beginning, God made man. Man ruled over other creatures as God instructed. Genesis 1:28d

…be masters of it; rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and overall living creatures that move on the earth.

However, man fell into sin. He acquired a sinful nature, which created a rift between him and the Maker. God was disappointed with what man had become and He sent humankind out of the Garden of Eden.

Life became meaningless, painful, and without any shred of hope. Death became part of humanity and pain was developing in the world forever. However, God was very sympathetic to man. His love for humans grew stronger. God opted to save us from the bondage of sin.The very colorful picture of a puzzle with one missing piece, to be complete in Christ. I am Free in Jesus Christ By Experiencing Our Spiritual Rebirth

God made a lasting plan. He made the biggest of all sacrifices to salvage sinful humanity. God gave His only son to save us. That anyone who believes in Jesus Christ will have everlasting life and not perish.

On seeing the difficult sinful situation we were in desperately, God gave us freedom in Christ Jesus. And this was salvage human from the bondage of sin.

According to Romans 6:20-23,

Because when we’re slaves of sin, we’re free in regard to righteousness. However, what fruit was coming from the things that you’re now ashamed of? Certainly, the end of all these things is death. And

now that you’ve been set free from sin. Plus, we have become slaves of God. Because the fruit that we acquire from that leads to sanctification and its end, the everlasting life.

The price of sin is death. However, the gift of God is everlasting life through the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior.” So, sin enslaves human beings for spiritual death and eternity away from God. Eventually, knowing our Savior brings eternal freedom from the control of sin and gives the opportunity to live with Him forever.

Aside from that,

The freedom in Jesus Christ is the only genuine way to reach our freedom. Certainly, it offers lasting freedom beyond this life. In the book of John 8:36, When the Son sets you free, you’ll be free indeed.

How Can I Be Saved In Jesus Christ, You-Tube Video

We will know the truth, which will set us free as believers — John 8:32.


We experience true freedom in Jesus Christ when we live as His servant. According to most of Paul’s letters, he kept introducing himself as a servant of Christ Jesus — Romans 1:1. We are set free to serve Christ. That seemed like a paradox to the non-believer.

However, the freedom found in Christ Jesus gives us the desire to live as His servants. This is a clear reflection of the attitude that is displayed by the Lord Jesus during His life on earth. That is according to the book of John 13:1-20; Philippians 2:5-11.

Also, believers who find freedom in Jesus Christ will become His children. From John 1:12, “To all who receive Him, believed in His name, the Lord Jesus Christ gave them the right to become God’s children.

On the other hand, ” Galatians 4 hints that we are children of God and heirs of eternal life as an inheritance with Jesus Christ.

Nevertheless,The colrful picture of a picture stating Heaven is a realm of unsurpassed joy, and unfading glory. I am Free in Jesus Christ By Experiencing Our Spiritual Rebirth

This freedom doesn’t signify that sin is removed completely. From Paul’s epistles, he emphasized the ongoing struggle with sin in the book of Romans 7:15-20. However, he also noted that he was no longer controlled by sin Romans 6:1-2.

Paul was a person who planned to live a life of complete transformation because of his new life in Jesus Christ — Romans 12:1-2. That included putting off old bad habits and choosing new patterns that brought honor to God Ephesians 4:22-32.

The 4 Things the Bible Says About Freedom — Points to Ponder!

As the USA plans to celebrate Independence on July 4, it is important to note that the nation was once in the hands of the wrong people. This was a significant contrast to the fact that God created humankind to be free. This leads to the Declaration of Independence. Similarly, people “are endowed by God with unalienable Rights, which include Eternal Life, the pursuit of Happiness and Liberty.”

But What is Liberty? The Biblical Declaration!

1. People have wanted freedom for thousands of years.

The journey to freedom is a dominant fact written throughout the Bible — from Genesis to Revelation. In the first 3 chapters into the story of God’s creation, Adam and Eve gave up their freedom by rebelling against God the Creator. From that time on, the freedom that God gave them in the Garden of Eden was no more, and the long-term results were severe. And they were both physical and spiritual.

The Old Testament records how God’s people lost freedom every time and again. This makes them vulnerable to be overtaken by various empires — most notably the Egyptians.

Often, the loss of physical freedom was relative to spiritual disobedience such as worshipping false gods. However, the one true God forgave and rescued His people time and again.

Nowadays, most people are living in slavery without understanding their plight. They chase false gods of success, money, personal comfort, and relationships—only to realize that they still have an emptiness that will not be filled by those things.

2. God’s answer to the loss of freedom by humans has always been Jesus Christ.

When He began His ministry on the earth, Jesus Christ announced that He was the Savior that God’s people were desperately waiting for since the fall of the first humans. Jesus did that by reading a passage from the book of Isaiah. This is a passage that the listeners knew was the Savior or the Messiah — Luke 4:17-21, emphasis added.

3. Jesus came to rescue us from sin, death, and any kind of slavery.I am Free in Jesus Christ By Experiencing Our Spiritual Rebirth

The primary point of the Christian faith is the Gospel—is that Jesus rescued us from the slavery of sin. He offered true freedom in life and beyond. And this is what He said:

“For God loved the world so much. Therefore, he gave his beloved Son, so that anybody who believes in him won’t perish but have everlasting life” John 3:16.

4. God gives us freedom so that we can choose our path.

God didn’t force us to accept freedom. But He gives everyone the free will to accept or reject Salvation. However, the Bible warns about the consequences of the grace of God coming to an end. As there is a real place — hell, where people end up when they reject the truth knowingly.

Final Thoughts On Freedom

From beginning to end, God’s Word insists on the reason and need for freedom in Christ Jesus. And God doesn’t leave us without a solution. He teaches us to grab the freedom He offers. First of all, it starts with acknowledging and admitting our brokenness as slaves to sin.

Eventually, slavery ends with choosing Jesus and following all His teachings every day. That is because He is the only one that can break the bonds of slavery and offer us true freedom, now and forever.

“Dear Lord Jesus Christ,

I am sorry for the sins that I have committed in my life. Thank you for unconditional love and death on the Cross for me. Thank you for setting me free from all sins and forgiving me today. Dear Lord, my Savior. Please, come into my life. Fill me with your Holy Spirit. And be with me forever. Thank you so much, Jesus Christ!

In Jesus name, I pray and believe,

Did You Pray?

Congratulations My Brothers And Sisters In Christ

Now is the time to get rooted in a good bible believing church, that is exercising in the Gospel, and does not try to tickle your ear with the ways of the World. Remember when you see a Brother or Sister in Christ fall short, simply pray for them, do not judge them, as we still fall short, however with our new born again spirit we now have a battle plan against Sin and pain. Please remember God does not look for extravagant great-sounding prayer, he looks for our heartfelt prayer.The colorful picture of Jesus holding his hand our for not, for your eternity.

One of the problems in our faith is many believe that a Christian should be some sort of perfect person, so when they see us fall short, in their eyes we are hypocrites. This is just another reason we need to be as upright and righteous in the world’s eyes. on the contrary, this does not mean we cannot have fun, as I have more joy now than ever in my life, the true joy that is meant for a believer.

God be with you my Brother and Sisters in Christ, Your Brothers in Christ, Jack, and Collins


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  1. Jonathon Howard

    This is a great article and has lots of great information from the Bible that really is true about our experience and existence here on earth. You&rsquo’ve done a great job pointing out very important things from different parts of the Bible and put them to use with great meaning behind them. Keep educating people and spreading the message have a wonderful day and God bless.

    1. Jack Butler

      Thank you always, Jonathon, for your very engaging comments within our by faith comes grace post, on the I am free in Jesus Christ post, it is a true blessing to hear how uplifting these posts are, as that is our purpose on this site. God be with you, Jack

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